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August 17, 2009

Wild Exotic Low Cost Vacations!

Wow! I bet that got your attention!

Dean in AZ here to tell you how to get all of the above and stay well within your budget! Well, you need to define wild and exotic, but the rest is true! I know this is being posted in Kentucky, but it applies to everyone. With everything currently going on, we're all doing a double check on our insurance, and if not, why not?

To start this tale, I need to go back about 10 years or so. Started a new job, 2 buck an hour raise, med and dental after 90 days....sounds like a dream job, as I felt overpaid at my old job! I went 5 years til I needed my insurance. I got stupid in my garage, sliced open the back of my hand, 14 stitches later..no charge! 2 years later, got pneumonia and pleurisy, once again,no charge! GREAT! So what's this have to do with a low cost vacation?

Well, about a year later, I got a loose tooth. It felt like a baby tooth coming out, no pain or such, but I was 38 at the time! I went to the dentist, as I have dental insurance, right?

He decided the loose tooth was due to some periodontal issue, and since the one's close to it had a few filling's, they should go as well.

That mean's 5 teeth pulled, and an upper partial made...no problem, I got insurance! So, we did the deal. He pulled the 5 teeth, made the upper partial, all that. Send me the bill, right?

According to the bill, he charged $250 per tooth to pull! Then the cost of the partial made...the tab was $4,000! Now, I get a bill from the insurance company, my end of the tab was $3,000! I double checked my policy, and sure enough, I only have $1000 a year coverage! I had to pay $3000 for 1 tooth! I could have superglued it for less than that price!

Fast forward a few years. I got the same thing on a lower tooth. I'm now unemployed, my upper partial is pretty much worn out, and no insurance. I've cashed out my 401k, and living off eBay and odd job's. I'd sell my body, but if only a lab would take it! What to do?

We've all heard about those tour bus's heading to Canada for cheap medicines, but they do the same thing here in Arizona! Any medical treatment you can think of is available in Mexico!

I went to Mexico in late April, before the swine flu outbreak. They offer discount dental, medical, optical, even hearing aids! And dirt cheap medical stuff! I went in on Monday morning, had x-ray's and such done, and on Thursday, I'm driving home!

So let's look at this, I had 16 teeth pulled, an upper denture made, a lower partial, 2 caps and at my dentist, just to pull those teeth was $4,000! I got the whole thing done in Mexico for $1400! Teeth pulled, upper denture, lower partial, out the door, with a 1 year FREE warranty! I can go in tomorrow, get any work done, for FREE!

Had I had this done here in town, I'd be looking at over $10,000. So what's my point after all this rambling? Consider a family vacation to Mexico for dental work. It's cheaper and easier. And if you have never been to this part of the country, it is beautiful, in a barren way. It just might give you a few bug out idea's!

Post by Dean in AZ
Edited by matthiasj