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August 20, 2009

The Rand Paul Money Bomb is TODAY!

Today is the day of the Rand Paul money bomb organized at RunRandRun.com. As most of you already know Rand Paul, the son of the great Dr. Ron Paul is the senate hopeful the the 2010 Kentucky Senate race. The goal of the money bomb is $2 million which I think is very possible.

A recent poll from WHAS11 shows Rand trailing Grayson, the Republican "front runner," by only 11 points. Paul is also only 13 points behind Lt. Gov. Mongiardo, the Democratic front runner. This shows that Rand is a serious candidate and not some "fringe element" like I'm sure the party heads would like him to be. Thes money bomb is going to give Paul the funding he needs to push his message out to Kentuckians.

Please donate whatever amount you can. No amount is too small and every little bit helps. I know Rand will appreciate it. Make your donations at www.RandPaul2010.com. Below is a live chart showing how much money has been raised so far today. Thanks to RandPaulGraphs.com for that. GCNlive.com will be broadcasting updates throughout the day on various radio shows. Go to their site to listen for Rand Paul money bomb updates!