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August 28, 2009

The Prepper Podcast Episode 1

I started The Prepper Podcast a couple weeks ago in an effort to get even more preparedness information out there. Last night I finished recording the pilot episode. It features Tom from American Preppers Network, Ernie from Indiana Preppers Network, and Scifichick from Bacon and Eggs. We discussed the prepper networks as a whole and how they got started. We also discussed why you should get prepared. The show is an hour long. You can stream from the player below, or click the "download" link to download the show in MP3 format for your MP3 player.

The show is totally free and will be done on a weekly basis. I will be discussing prepping and doing exclusive interviews with moderators of the Prepper Networks and other preparedness bloggers. Make sure you follow me on twitter, and subscribe to the Prepper Podcast RSS feed for instant updates about new shows. For more information click here for the introduction to the Prepper Podcast.