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July 3, 2009

Happy Independence Day from KPN

I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend from Kentucky Preppers Network. Enjoy the time with friends and family over the weekend. But don't forget what Independence Day is all about. Ask yourself and the people you're spending the holidays with this question tomorrow: Is the country we live in today, the country our forefathers fought and died for?

Well sure we're free and still have a few liberties left. But how would Thomas Jefferson, or those men that signed the Declaration of Independence answer that question? How would they feel about the Patriot Act, or TARP? I'm positive they're rolling over in their graves over what America has become. A country of freeloaders, welfare recipients, and a people who are totally reliant on their tyrannical government.

The colonists broke free from the overbearing reach of England and declared war against them for the exact same things we're faced with today. And after 200+ years we're right back in the same situation. We're at a pivotal point in history right now. Will we stand up for what's right and fight for our freedoms (metaphorically speaking of course, I'm not advocating violence) or will we lay down and be taken over, enslaved by an out of control government.

Our forefathers meant for us to throw out ANY tyrannical government and replace it back with the Constitution and the rule of law. We are at a point where we have to draw the line. With more and more legislation that threatens our freedoms and liberties we MUST stand up against tyranny and say no more. We have the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence on our side. And don't forget we also have what's good and right on our side. I leave you with this video, a recital of the full text of the Declaration of Independence. Take the time to watch this video. Think about what those words mean, and how true they ring today.

Thanks to W.E. Messamore from The Humble Libertarian for posting this video.