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June 26, 2009

Kentucky Preppers Network Social Networking

I've been working on getting set up within the social networking sites across the net. I've had a KPN Twitter account set up for a while and I'm slowly building my followers. (link at bottom of post). I also have finished setting up a Facebook account for KPN. If you're on Facebook, please add me as a friend. I have set up a KPN Facebook Page, and a KPN Facebook Group. Also, please join these groups. This is a great way for us to promote the blog, and Kentuckians (and others alike) to share KPN to their friends and family. I'm actively looking for contributors to KPN and I'm hoping if we can get more exposure I can get some more bloggers to help with the blog.

I encourage all Prepper Networks to get set up on the social networking sites. It's a great way to promote your site and we can all be friends on Facebook and Twitter and share our traffic. Click on the Facebook badge to add me to your friends list!

Matt Jarvis