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May 2, 2009

Kentucky Preppers Network Giveaway

Here is your chance to win a brand new NBC gas mask. Bullseye picked this up at the gun show he went to over the weekend. We will both be running the promotion on each of our blogs, so two people will have the chance to win one of these kits. Click here to enter to win on the Codename "Bullseye" blog.

You get everything pictured above including:
-1 New M61 Finnish Mask and Filter with adjustable Head Straps (One Size Fits Most)
-1 Pair of Cloth Gloves
-1 Pair Heavy Duty Plastic Gloves
-2 Packages of Cloth Cleaning Pads
-1 Bottle of Potassium Iodide Powder
-1 Instruction Booklet (Not in English)
-1 Olive Color Carrying Bag with Straps

This is a Military Surplus kit from the Finnish Army and has never been used. This would be a great addition to anyone's preps. We will announce with winners on June 1, 2009.

Enter to win by leaving up to one comment per day on this blog post. We will accept comments up until Midnight on June 1. Each comment will have a number, starting with 1 for the first comment. We will use a Random Number Generator that will choose a number, and if that number is your comment then you win. If you're announced the winner, email me your shipping information at kentuckypreppersnetwork@gmail.com and we will ship the mask out for free.

I will put a link in the sidebar for quick access to this post. The more you comment, the better chance you have of winning. Thanks to all the readers who make this blog possible, the winner will be announced in less than a month.