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April 7, 2009

Modern Survivalists Arcticle and more

The Star Telegram of Texas published an article titled, Dallas-Fort Worth's 'modern survivalists' are ready for layoffs - or war. It's rare that modern survivalists get shown in a good light but Melody McDonald wrote a great article about some local Texans who are preppers.

Here's an excerpt:
Spirko, an Army veteran and self-described "stark-raving-mad Libertarian," is part of a growing movement of people who are preparing for a disaster — natural, economic or man-made. Referred to as "modern survivalists" or "preppers," they are taking steps to protect and provide for their families should something bad happen.

Here's a video from Knob Creek Gun Show (April 4, 2009) with Rand Paul speaking to a crowd that morning. He talks to them about how politicians lie and how we need to realize that it's BOTH parties at fault. We have to look to ourselves and our values and how we stand on issues and now just vote down party lines.

And here's even more of a reason to be prepping, Bloomberg reports that Americans Feel 15.6% Unemployment as Underemployment Surges. The government cooks the books people, they change the numbers to make things not seem as bad. They tell us we have around 9% unemployment but they don't count people who aren't currently seeking work or drawing unemployment. Finally someone in the mainstream news reports the real unemployment numbers and 15% is depression numbers. We all have a risk of losing our jobs so having stored food and supplies will help if you lost your income and have to live on less money.
A measure of underemployment that counts those people has almost doubled over the past two years, to 15.6 percent, providing a more complete gauge of the labor market’s deterioration. Along with an historic drop in the percentage of the population who are working, and record numbers of long-term unemployed, the figures point to a permanent shift in employment patterns, said former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich.