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March 22, 2009

Did the Ron Paul Revolution Spawn the Prepper Networks?

When Ron Paul ran for President in 2008 he ignited a fire that has turned into a huge freedom and liberty movement. Dubbed, the "Ron Raul Revolution", millions of Americans woke up to what was going on in the country and took action. Records were broken when supporters donated the largest 1 day amount in history via a first time ever online money bomb. His supporters started thousands of meetup groups, networked, and campaigned for him in every state. He was muzzled in the mainstream media yet it just pushed supporters to work harder. After it was clear he wasn't going to win in the primaries, he quickly formed the Campaign for Liberty. Funded by the Presidential Campaign's leftover money and fueled by the momentum of the supporters it became a place for the liberty and freedom movement to continue on.

Ron Paul's run for Presidency was what woke me up to what was going on. Anyone would be blind to not see that our Constitution isn't being followed, our foreign policy is severely flawed, and our economic system is unsustainable. These core factors are simple and understandable by the majority of the population, yet most refuse to even listen to the message. The Constitution alone tells us all we need to know about what the government is doing wrong. Once I realized this I started digging deeper into the issues and eventually that led me here.

Lots of the campaign momentum went into Campaign for Liberty, but many people branched off and did their own thing. Singer/songwriter Aimee Allen was on the Alex Jones show last week talking with Alex about all the branch offs that started with the Ron Paul campaign and one in particular they spoke of was Oath Keepers. I thought about what they were saying and I realized that these Prepper Networks are a direct branch off of the Ron Paul campaign. We are all liberty and freedom lovers, and not only are we educated on the constitution, our rights, freedoms, and economics, but we have decided to prepare for the worst to ensure we have a fighting chance at stopping our government from completely destroying the country. I think ALL the groups and organizations that have started since the campaign are awesome and it's a great way to keep the movement alive and continue to wake more and more people up to what's happening. I saw Dr. Paul speak in Bowling Green, KY last summer and got my copy of The Revolution: A Manifesto signed by the man himself. This is a great book that outlines what has happened and what is happening to our country. A great read for all patriots and liberty lovers out there.

The movement is growing and spreading very fast. It is great to see more and more people waking up but we have to keep on doing what we're doing. We have to come together, educate ourselves, and prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. If we continue on our path we have a real chance in stopping a total breakdown.