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January 15, 2009

What does our future hold ??

If you're reading this, you are probably a prepper. Someone who sees that this world is in for some really big changes and soon. I had a question from a reader and she asks, what are we prepping for?? Not so much as why we do it but what threat do we see in the near future that seems to be causing panic all over the globe. I can and did give her my answer but I would also like to know yours. You can post anonymous if you like, that's not an issue. I too would like to know what others think is the main threat that lies ahead. OK, here's my answer and to each his or her own. This is just the world as I see it, yours my be different and that's fine. Maybe we will all be lucky and be wrong and nothing will happen. (Yea, right!)
The threat I see is this: The economy is gone all to the crapper and we all know this is true, even the government will admit this. Constitutional rights are being taken away little by little each and every day. Mostly our right to keep and bear arms. Once this economy hits a certain level people are going to get very scared, once they realize that it really is happening. I can see riots for food (no job no money for food) theft will be running ramped as will looting. This is not really the place I want to be if I am not prepared. I think this is a very real possibility in the very near future. From these events larger reports of civil unrest will appear everywhere. The government just doesn't have the man power to control millions of hungry, angry people. I prep to protect me and mine from the effects this event will bring to my area.
I would love to hear from and all who prep. What do you think the future holds?? What threat are you prepping for?? Not why do you prep but what do you think will happen in the coming days, months and years?? There is no right or wrong answer here folks, this is not a test of the emergency broadcast system. LOL Just looking for answers that may give us all a little better insight into the situation.