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January 30, 2009

More Snow in the Forecast--Get Ready Now !!!

There is more snow in the forecast for Kentucky over the next few days and now is the time to get prepared. Another round of snow is also in the forecast starting Monday night that could bring additional accumulation to the area. PLEASE STAY TUNED TO YOUR WEATHER STATION FOR MORE UPDATES!!! We will continue to update this site as news comes available on the path of this system. Please come back often and leave a comment as to the conditions in your area, it's a great service to us all. Click here to find your area and weather statements.

Some things to consider now that you know what's possibly heading our way:
-Get extra food that can be prepared by heating and eating.
-Extra batteries for your flashlights.
-Fill your vehicles up with fuel and your extra gas cans too. If worse comes to worse your vehicle can be used as a shelter and heat source.
-Get out those extra blankets.
-Catch some extra water or buy some for drinking and cooking needs.
-Make sure your propane bottle is full. If you have a gas grill this is a way to cook. I have slipped out on to the back deck many times and prepared a nice meal when there was now power.
-Keep some extra cash. During a power outage debit and credit card machines will not be in service.

And most important, know where all these things are and make sure everyone in the home does
too. Don't do much good to have it and not be able to find it.
My good friend and contributor to the network, Matt, has been without power for 3 days now and may not have power restored for 3 more weeks. Matt has a generator and preps in place and is doing just fine. I'll let Matt tell you more about his adventure during this ice and snow system in a later post. I am in constant contact with him and he and his family are warm and well fed. Now that's some good prepping Matt.....Way to go!!!