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January 20, 2009

Hello KPN Readers!

My name is Matt and I will be contributing my $.02 to the blog. I live in the Western part of the state, in Muhlenberg County. I am 21 years old, and am currently finishing up my college career, and plan to graduate this May. I work an at home customer service job, and it allows me the time to read endless amounts of information on the Internet. I am fairly new to the idea of prepping but have learned a great deal in the past couple months reading survival forums and different blogs.

Prepping for disaster is something that is important for everyone to do. Whether manmade or natural, disasters can strike without notice and leave you without the ability to go to the supermarket for food, without electricity, and without running water. An F-3 tornado struck Muhlenberg County in February that took the life of three people. My home was severely damaged but not destroyed. You think it won’t happen to you, but it CAN. We were forced to find somewhere to live while the repairs were being made, and fortunately found a home to rent. Looking back, it should have been a wake-up call to have a long term food supply; along with a water solution and an energy solution.

The majority of the county was without power for days, and those are the ones who would have benefited from a storable food supply, water supply, and an energy source (generator.) Having those things is the best investment you can make for your family. In the face of a disaster, you can’t rely on FEMA (look at New Orleans), the Red Cross, or anyone to come help you. There is always a possibility that you will be on your own and if you’re not prepared it could make any disaster 10x worse.