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November 15, 2008

London, Laurel County Fuel Prices

Had to make a trip to town this evening (9 miles round trip) to pick up some things at the grocery and noticed the gas prices in and around London, KY. It looks like most places are around $1.89 for regular unleaded ( 87 octane ), $1.99 for 89 and $2.15 for 92/93 octane. With the lowest prices we have seen in quite some time, I began to wonder if this may be a GREAT time to increase our fuel storage. $100.00 could add 50 gals or more fuel to your fuel storage. I usually keep between 30 to 40 gals. stored at all times,(not even close to enough) plus I never let any of my vehicles get below 1/2 a tank, ever. When I was a young boy, 15 or 16, I ran out of gas more than once trying to get to a station across town that was a penny cheaper, not gonna happen anymore. I'm getting too old for that stuff. LOL Anyway, I just wanted to update the fuel prices here in London for all our readers. Please let us all know the prices in your town and what fuel storage ideas you may want to share with us. Fuel is the one thing that many of us preppers over look when it comes to our storage items. We want your ideas and opinions, this is your network, please use it.

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