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November 13, 2008

Beginning Prepper

Post by Scoutinlife

You probably already know this once again it the basics but here it is:Start in the beginning! You need a PLAN. What are you preparing for? Make a list of events in order of possibility of importance combined with consequences of not prepping. You'll find that a camp stove, plenty of water, and two weeks worth of canned/dry goods will get you through most anything. If it gets cold where you are, you'll need some form of alternate heat, you may need alternative lighting, etc.A key element to any good food storage plan is a good rotation plan. Needless to say, rotation doesn't work at all if you don't eat the food regularly you store. A rotation plan can be as simple as first in first out and either mechanical (how you put them on the shelf) or using a simple date system Buy what you eat and eat what you buy.can goods are good to stock and have a good shelf life if stored properly, cool dry area.dry beans and if you like them dehydrated potatoes (bagged potato flakes).water, water and more water A good start is simply storing what you eat normally which for most of us is short-term storage foods, 1 year or less like canned goods or dry goods.....Once you have your shelter/warmth, food and water, then start getting health and comfort items... Toilet paper, sewing supplies, meds, shoes, stockings, underwear,tampons/pads, soap, bleach, vinegar, gardening seeds, books on family medicine,ammo,etc...Not just typical garden seeds but the seeds for an herb garden, chili's, you name it. if it's teotwawki, these would all make good bartering goods in addition to sprucing up ones own homestead...for short term just hit the spice racks at Wally World and the ethnic(Mexican, Italian, Indian, Asian, etc.) sections in your local supermarkets, even the non dried sauces and mixes etc. will keep for a long long time unopened If you have land start prepping the area for gardens, or fruit trees if you can, set up the ability to have live stock. aka- rabbits,chickens maybe. This way your ready to roll on producing some of your own food and can supplement what food preps you have to make them last twice as long!As bare minimum firearms simple economical 22. cal rifle an a simple single shot shotgun can all be had for a round a couple hundred bucks new or much less used plus some ammo need to be set aside...You can prep on $10 a month - food, water, and shelter (heat/light/etc.). Like eating an elephant you do it one bite at a time. Put away cases of canned soup, bags of rice,ammo and cases of water.When it comes down to it, in life the only thing that really matters in survival is food and shelter, everything else is a nice adder. Its why many people use the rules of three not only as a good guide for basic survival but survival planning